With the same strike-inducing profile, transforming lip, one-knocker system, and PopMax-inspired Hydrodynamic gills, the XPOD Jr. packs the punch of the original XPOD into a 3½ inch frame to increase your catch-rate on the water. The XPOD Jr. features seven distinct positions, which allow this versatile topwater plug to walk the dog, chug on the surface, or act as a shallow sub-surface swimbait. The moveable lip allows the angler to tune the XPOD Jr. to each day’s unique fishing situation in order to create the perfect amount of surface disturbance. From a calm day where little surface splash is needed, to conditions that become choppier as the wind picks up, the XPOD Jr.’s durable lip can be cranked open to handle both changing weather conditions and the finicky feeding habits of bass alike. The XPOD Jr.’s action combines the walking-style of the legendary Giant Dog-X with the top-water action of the renowned PopMax, creating an irresistible action and surface disturbance that draws fish from greater distances than ever before.