The X-Pod is the most unique, cutting-edge top-water lure to hit the market in years. While the strike-inducing profile and impeccable attention to detail might be the first thing that draws your eye to the X-Pod, the lure’s truly revolutionary feature lies in it’s adjustable lip. With seven distinct positions, the lip allows the angler to tune the X-Pod to each day’s unique fishing situation in order to create the perfect amount of surface disturbance to draw strikes from the deep. From a calm day where little surface splash is needed, to conditions that become choppier as the wind picks up, the X-Pod’s unique lip can be cranked open to handle both changing weather conditions and the dfinicky feeding habits of bass alike.

The X-Pod's action combines the walking-style of the legendary Giant Dog-X with the top-water action of the renowned PopMax, creating an irresistible action and surface disturbance that draws fish from greater distances than ever before.

We suggest fishing the X-Pod on cloudy days or early mornings around points and flat banks for best results.

Rod: Megabass F4-66X4
Line: Megabass Dragon Call 20lb.



Interactive demo:

"What do you get when you cross a Zara Spook and a Pop-R?" Read the complete review at