The Giant Dog-X's incredible attention to detail and realistic profile is paired with a unique side-to-side, roll-walking action that will draw vicious surface strikes in the toughest slick-calm conditions. This roll-walking action is what separates the Giant Dog-X from its competitors. Powered by the Megabass lateral balancer system, Giant Dog-X's side rolls flat against the water as it turns, giving predators underneath an irresistible flash of the realistic side-profile. This lure is most effective in water visibilities of 2 to 20ft., and excels when the water temps are between 55 and 85 degrees. Early mornings and cloudy, rainy days will produce the best results with the Giant Dog-X.

For best results, pair the Giant Dog-X with Megabass Dragon Call line in tests of 10 to 15lb., with the Megabass F4-66X4, F4.5-68XX, or F4.5-70XX. These rods will allow for easy wrist movement and pinpoint casting, which is critical to properly working the Giant Dog-X.