The original Dog-X was one of the first Megabass lures to be widely recognized by anglers for its innovation, engineering, and effectiveness on the water. Building upon this legacy, Megabass has reinvented the Dog-X, bringing recent technological innovations to bear in order to create the ultimate dog-walker. Featuring an upgraded Seesaw Balancing System (PAT.) and a new Water Through Gill (PAT.) design, the Dog-X Speed Slide can walk in place with well-timed consecutive twitches of the rod, sitting on top of your target-zone for longer than the original. The Seesaw Balancing System (PAT.) essentially fixes a moving tungsten balancer on the vertical axis of the lure, while still allowing it to move from side-to-side on the lateral axis, which means that the balancer throws its weight behind each side-to-side dog-walking motion, creating dramatic 180-degree turns. This lateral motion is guided by the Water Through Gill (PAT.) which channels water, adds stability, and allows for a smooth, high-speed dog-walk that will help you cover more area. In addition, the high-mounted line-eye facilitates responsive action even under windy conditions, resulting in a truly versatile dog-walker that allows you to search an area quickly, and then sit on the most productive spots to draw up those big bass.